Who is the online station «Status Web – Internet Radio»

The online – web station «Status Internet Radio» was created as an idea in 2011, and first 24hours nonstop streaming in 2016.

The web streaming protocol on «Status Internet Radio» is intended for the free broadcasting, based on category Νon-Commercial.

The radio changed when the internet passed in the second season! The first internet radio consulted by most radio stations in Greece.

His program plays international music in the context of the top radio chart broadcasts. «Status Internet Radio» broadcasts through modern technology services, for the sake ofrapid evolution of the Internet. Provides top-notch distinctive sound quality and uses state-of-the-art broadcast equipment. A radio representing from Greece and Rhodes Island, the next generation of radio!

The best collaborating bodies with the «Status Web – Internet Radio»

Member of groups «Notos Media M.IKE» and «Status Online Services»

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